Pain Free and Relentless – Guy Cisternino and Kris Gethin Back Workout

No matter how many obstacles, setbacks or times you get knocked down, you keep coming back until the goal is met. That is relentless.

Guy Cisternino has had his share of said obstacles and setbacks and is finding himself here in 2021 without most of the pain he has had in the past in his shoulders and back embarking on a great offseason with a new training regimen from John Meadows.

Kris Gethin and Guy link up for a back workout at the destination and then later visit GASP and Better Bodies CEO Michael Johansson’s house for an ice bath. Ice baths are one of Kris Gethin’s favourite bio hacks that contribute to recovery in a few ways. For more information on ice baths give Kris a follow.

“Your recovery dictates everything.” Kris and now Guy are of the mindset that you’re only as good as your recovery allows you to be. Stay tuned for more from Guy Cisternino, Kris Gethin and the GASP and Better Bodies crew here 2021.

Video Credits: GASP Official YouTube Channel