Kris Gethin Training Legs with IFBB PRO Hunter Labarada

Kris Gethin, long time friend of GASP and Better Bodies travels to Dallas for a few days and links up with Hunter Labrada on his hamstring focused leg day.

In the opening of this video, Kris speaks on how important it is to NOT compare yourself to others but instead be inspired by how others excel and see how you can apply or incorporate to your own life and run with it.

“You will never have the structure or development of another individual, but you can maximize your own training and make it work to your advantage.”

Hunter also sheds some light on sticking to the “unsexy” basics and how being ultra anal on tracking progress on said basics can reduce drastic results over time. It is never a quick fix when it comes to bodybuilding or anything worth achieving. Time and consistency are always key!

Kris later links up with GASP and Better Bodies CEO Michael Johansson for an in-depth chat on Kris’s upbringing and many pursuits in life and also catches a back training session the following day with a rejuvenated and HUNGRY Guy Cisternino. So stick with you vs you mentality and realize your own max potential.

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